Malaysia is very concerned about angry menstruating women

The yearly Google report is out and it's very entertaining

By Verinia Khoo | Published: 15 Dec 2016

Google yearly report
Photo: Google/Facebook

Have you ever looked up a really silly question on Google? Don't deny it; we know you do because we do too. Thanks to the yearly Google report that was released yesterday, we now know that the majority of the people in Malaysia are curiously concerned about angry menstruating women. (Specifically: 'Kenapa orang period suka marah'.)

Under the list of WHY, Google states that the top ten searches in Malaysia include 'Why do I get tired and sleepy so easily?', 'Why do my cats eat so little?', 'Why do I pee so much?', 'Why do I sweat so much?', and 'Why do apples turn brown?'

Besides that, Pokemon GO is also a very big deal as it is the second most searched topic in Malaysia while BR1M, Donald Trump and Brexit also make the list. Scroll on to see what else was Googled and click here for the full list.

Euro 2016
Pokemon GO
BR1M 2016
SAPS Ibu Bapa
Olympic Games Rio 2016
Suri Hati Mr Pilot
Train to Busan
MAMA 2016
7 Hari Mencintaiku
Descendants of the Sun

Donald Trump
Atikah Suhaime
Song Joong Ki
Aiman Tino
Margot Robbie
Syatilla Melvin
Nadia Nordin
Zakir Naik
Lin Dan
Hillary Clinton

US Elections
Olympic Games Rio 2016
Rayani Air Brexit
Bajet 2017
Gerhana matahari
Note 7

Atikah Suhaimee
Aiman Tino
Syatilla Melvin
Goh Liu Ying
Mira Filzah
Aidil Aziz
Khai Bahar
Norashikin Abdul Rahman
Faiz Subri
Janna Nick

Dominoes near me
Pizza Hut near me
Part time jobs near me
KFC near me
Hotels near me
Western Union near me
Post office near me
Money changer near me
PokeStops near me
Pharmacy near me

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